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What Others Have Said

These women did heroe's work to help institute protections for POWs and help negotiate to bring them home safely. They are more than worthy of a permanent memorial. —Carolyn

As a military spouse myself, I can’t thank these women enough for all of their dedication and hard work. They forever changed the role of a military spouse for the better. —Heather

As a 25 year Navy veteran helicopter pilot, I believe we need this memorial to honor and thank them for their “service” during and after the Vietnam war. What better way to show our appreciation for their endless efforts than a place where young and old can visit and learn about true sacrifice and love of country. —Bret

As a military daughter and wife who also knew the Stockdales, I firmly believe this monument is important for all of us... especially our children and grandchildren so they never forget. These men and the women who fought so hard for them are truly an inspiration. —Lisa

On behalf of my cousin, Lt. Charles W. Stratton missing in Viet Nam and for his wife, Sallie Stratton who was given great comfort by the League of Wives! A memorial is fitting and well deserved! —Glenda

I support this well deserved tribute.... as the wife of a POW shot down in the final months of the war, I am grateful for their courageous work. —Leslie

Women w Laird.png
League Meeting with Def. Sec. Laird
Stockdale on Jet.png
POW James Stockdale
1. Sybil and Jim Stockdale in the 1960's
Stockdales at Home